Are you a digital professional (e.g. marketing, product, data, ...) or entrepreneur?‎
You want to uplevel your business and career to reach the next stage?
Want to learn proven and results-oriented growth strategies?
And grow your network and expertise with like-minded leaders?

Apply now and learn growth strategies from Silicon Valley in our 5-week deep dive course

Morgan Brown - VP Growth Shopify
Yara Paoli - VP Growth Skyscanner
Nick Dahl - Growth Strategy Lead at Spotify
Andrew Gadson - New Product Experimentation Facebook
Victora Tory Wobber - Growth Coach, ex-Google Facebook
SzeJack Tan - Head of Growth Marketing Google
Program: Master growth strategy in 5 weeks with 35+ lectures, toolkits, and case studies. Get advice on individual growth problems in our 1:1 growth advisory hours with founder Nikolas (ex-Google Growth Lead). Learn from the best in the industry and discuss the newly learned concepts in 5x remote group workshops and additional industry expert talks - see expert line-up below.

Program dates: October 13 - November 10, 2021
Weekly workshop: Wednesdays, 6-8pm Berlin time / 9-11am San Francisco time

Curriculum and expert talks:

Oct 13 — Growth models & retention: Understand how your product grows

Oct 20 — Acquisition & acceleration loops: Hardwire experiences for sustainable growth

Oct 27 — Growth strategy & experiments: Optimize levers in your model

Nov 3 — Behavioral economics & psychology: Improve your experiences with science

Nov 10 — Culture & scaling: Collaborate and get things done

This cohort's industry expert talks feature:
Morgan Brown - VP Growth Shopify
Morgan Brown
Author 'Hacking Growth' / VP Growth
@ Shopify
Yara Paoli - VP Growth Skyscanner
Chief Growth Officer
@ Oda
Nick Dahl - Growth Strategy Lead at Spotify
Strategy Lead
@ Spotify
Andrew Gadson - New Product Experimentation Facebook
New Product Experimentation @ Facebook
SzeJack Tan - Head of Growth Marketing Google
SzeJack Tan
Head of
@ Google
Victora Tory Wobber - Growth Coach, ex-Google Facebook
Victoria Tory Wobber, PhD
Growth Coach, ex-Facebook & Google
Every week consists of a weekly 2 hour video call, in-depth online lectures, and interactive group workshops
Work on individual growth problems in our 1:1 growth advisory hours with founder Nikolas (former Growth Lead @ Google)
Our alumni are highly satisfied and work at companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, TikTok, Spotify, Skyscanner, Bird, Project A, Zalando, ImmoScout24, Bitwala, DB, Vimcar, and more.
Upon successful completion you will receive our ‘Growth Expert’ certificate, join our alumni network, and are eligible to attend our exclusive alumni events

Kristina Walcker Mayer - Product Lead N26
“I learned in-depth growth and retention strategies, for example how to apply acceleration loops and insights from behavioral economics. Growth Academy is worth every penny. Highly recommended to every marketing and product leader.”
— Kristina Walcker-Mayer, CEO @ Nuri, ex-N26
Kristina Walcker Mayer - Product Lead N26
“Growth Academy teaches the growth mindset that is essential to overcome today’s product and marketing challenges. Finally, a growth program with a passionate community that helps to address essential growth questions in a structured way.”
— Timo Bolse, Head of Product @ eBay /
Kristina Walcker Mayer - Product Lead N26
“You have to think holistically in today’s tech world and Growth Academy provides you with the right tools and network to solve growth challenges across the funnel. This quality of training is rare and I definitely recommend this program to any ambitious product and marketing professional.”
— Dorothee Seedorf, CMO & Managing Director @ kfzteile24, ex-Project A
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend Growth Academy?

Our program is not your standard digital marketing course. We provide state-of-the-art knowledge for ambitious digital professionals engaged in growth problems:

  • Successful participants usually work in the digital or software industry (B2B and B2C), specifically in areas like online marketing, growth marketing, product marketing, app marketing, product management/owners, software engineering, data analytics, start-up founders, account management, acquisition marketing, online sales, or senior professionals with growth orientation.
  • At least 1-2 years of experience in relevant areas (no entry level positions).
  • You show strong initiative and participate spiritedly: You will need 2-3 hours per week to actively attend our weekly workshops and about 1 hour prepping every lesson with our online learning material.

You should not apply in the following situations:

  • Entry level - our concepts require foundational knowledge and experience in the digital space.
  • Start-up without clear product-market fit - our growth framework helps you to grow your product systematically but is not designed to help with product-market fit.
  • Industry with long sales cycles (e.g. enterprise business) - Your business is based on long sales cycles or deals mainly with hardware sales. Our content is not designed to tackle these kinds of problems.
Are participants satisfied with Growth Academy?

According to our excellent Net Promoter Scores our participants are highly satisfied with their experience at Growth Academy.​

How do I convince my company to sponsor my growth training? Any tips?

Most companies have training budgets. We want to make sure you have everything you need when asking your company to sponsor your participation. Download our reimbursement guide to convince your company.

Reimbursement policies vary between companies but most of our alumni were able to expense the program fees. We have some tips from our alumni below on how they approached reimbursement. Tip for German participants: German employees are entitled to five to ten days of paid educational leave in most federal states, except Bavaria and Saxony (see requirements by state). Participation fees are deductible and will be reimbursed with your tax return if they are considered work-related.

PS: From our experience reimbursement depends on your company policy so you can’t count on it per se. It should be perceived as bonus that your company cares about employee development by reimbursing job-relevant training fees. More businesses realize how impactful growth strategy courses are and reimbursements should be more common in the future. It usually helps if you tell your manager about the high-profile speakers and companies.

I got a part of the participation fees refunded. I think the "pitch" should necessarily be tailored to the respective manager. My boss is the CEO so I could directly explain how important growth strategy skills are for the success of our company. If my boss was middle management, I would probably elaborate how the content is highly relevant to my dayjob.
-SVEN B., Growth Academy Fall 2019 cohort

My company supports continuing education programs and has an internal website where I can request a refund for up to EUR 3000. The most important thing was to talk to my manager first and get his OK. In addition, mentioning the high-profile speakers of the Growth Academy has helped.
-JESSICA S., Growth Academy Spring 2019 cohort

Unfortunately, I could not get the course reimbursed. I paid out of pocket and it was 100% worth the money.
-J.P., Growth Academy Spring 2020 cohort

How does the program structure look like?

You won’t learn 'Quick Fixes' or 'Growth Hacks' at the Growth Academy. Quite the opposite, we will teach you the growth foundations and frameworks to uplevel your career and drive the outcomes at your company:

  1. Growth mechanics applicable in almost every B2B and B2C online company
  2. Strategic frameworks that you can adapt to solve your own business challenges
  3. Access to our alumni network with experts from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, TikTok, Spotify, Skyscanner, Ebay, Project A, Gradient Ventures, ImmoScout24,  Zalando, Bitwala, EyeEm, Vimcar, and more.
  4. Best practices, tutorials and inspiration based on the latest Silicon Valley approaches and trends
  5. Direct application of growth know-how at your company and / or products
Do I need to speak English?

Yes, your English level should be at least intermediate. After we held a few cohorts in German we realized that most participants were fluent in English. This allows us to be more inclusive and we don’t have to turn down participants who weren’t proficient in German.​

Who has the best chances to get invited?

Although our content is extensive it doesn’t apply to all individual problems. To make sure you get the most, we select our participants based on the following criteria: 1) Your profile matches our content 2) Parallels with other participants in the cohort 3) You have at least 1-2 years of experience.

How many applicants are accepted per cohort?

In the past we invited about 10-20% of all applicants. That being said, we don’t aim for specific acceptance rates. Moreover, we want to deliver high quality content and a great learning experience. Our utmost priority is to select small cohorts with ambitious, high-caliber participants who foster learning during the course and in our alumni network.

Can I apply these concepts in the real world?

We teach versatile growth frameworks that have worked for most successful technology companies. Please don’t expect  step-by-step tutorials that instruct how optimal landing pages or navigation should look like. There are tons of blogs out there that provide this for free.

Does the course also work for B2B companies/products?

We present examples of our frameworks from the B2B and B2C space. That being said, we don’t have specific content focussed on B2B Sales or B2B Acquisition but our featured guests will touch parts of these topics.

Are the workshops recorded?

No, our format doesn’t lend itself well to recording or streaming. However, since our program is remote you can join from everywhere in the world as long as you speak English.

Can I access the content after program completion?

Yes, you will be able to access all online content for 1 year after completion of the course.