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Note: All participants are hand-picked and our rolling admission process considers time and quality of your application. You have the best chance of admission if you apply early and show strong program fit.
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Save €500 ($580) if at least 2 people of your firm attend
Early tuition: €2980 per person ($3480)
Save additional €500 ($580) per person on all rates if at least 2 people of your firm attend.

Tip: Most companies have training budgets. Check with your company and join us (also see FAQs for other tips of reimbursement from our alumni).
Kristina Walcker Mayer - Product Lead N26
“Growth Academy teaches the growth mindset that is essential to overcome today’s product and marketing challenges. Finally, a growth program with a passionate community that helps to address essential growth questions in a structured way.”
— Timo Bolse, Head of Product @ eBay /
Kristina Walcker Mayer - Product Lead N26
“I learned in-depth growth and retention strategies, for example how to apply acceleration loops and insights from behavioral economics. Growth Academy is worth every penny. Highly recommended to every marketing and product leader.”
— Kristina Walcker-Mayer, CEO @ Nuri, ex-N26
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