You are facing growth challenges or have to meet ambitious targets? We have your back.

On-top of our regular growth strategy programs our founder Nikolas offers growth sprints for teams and individual growth advice for leadership. Past workshops and collaborations include:

Growth Academy Advisory Case Study: Bitwala
How Growth Strategy helped Bitwala to become one of the hottest challenger banks

Before official engagement we have to get to know your business and growth challenges better. Pick your format and submit your details below - Initial consultation is free if you are a fit.

Growth sprint for teams
- 2h workshop -
Our onsite workshops help you to identify the right growth strategies by i. establishing growth know-how, ii. fostering cross-functional collaboration, and iii. developing individual growth solutions.
2h growth sprint with team
Sprint format includes educational videos, in-person lecture, and workshop
Workshop topics include Growth Strategy, Acceleration Loops, Culture & Scaling, and more.
Growth advice for leadership
- 1 month -
You get individual advice on long term growth strategy and ad-hoc growth challenges. We advise you along your growth journey with regular video calls and email or slack support.
Two video calls per week (1h each)
Daily growth support via email or Slack
Advisory topics include Growth Strategy, Forecasting, Growth Modelling, Experimentation, Behavioral Economics, Scaling, Experiments, and more.

Highlights of past collaborations